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Advertising Info
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Why should I be on Greenwich Village NYC?
Greenwich Village is a destination teeming with competing businesses and only the Internet can reach out to them all so fast and so easily! Greenwich Village NYC informs its viewers with decision-making information. Let them know you're here! As an entertaining and informative website, Greenwich Village NYC maintains viewers' attentions resulting in longer exposures to your ads. Your ad is seen in context with Greenwich Village and the category of your business. It's been proven that response rates are higher when the ad is consistent with content.

Who is going to see my ad?
People visit Greenwich Village NYC for a reason - they're interested in the area. They want to "see" the place they're coming to - let them see you. We're starting off by using our NYCtourist.com and Yahoo! link to attract an immediate 25,000 people per month. From people around the block to visitors around the world, we let them know about you!

What does my ad look like?
Unlike a print ad, Greenwich Village NYC creates information page(s) about your business. We promote advertisers on our main and other contextual pages with sponsor ads. Both sponsor ads and lists are "hotlinked" to your information page which consists of up to 3 photos, a logo and text that you supply, OR, directly to your web site. We design your custom sponsor ad and create the information page free of charge. Here are a few ad examples:

Hotel Azure
Walk to the Village!!

How do I get on Greenwich Village NYC?
It's easy. Just call our advertising staff at 800 399 5362 and we'll get you started on the way to meeting your marketing needs. We can have you on the site within a week!

About Greenwich Village NYC
Officially launched March 1, 2000, Greenwich Village NYC is part of a family of New York City websites.  NYCtourist.com, one of NYC’s most frequently visited sites, was our first website focusing entirely on New York City's teeming tourist culture in 1996. Little Italy NYC attracts tens of thousands of visitors each month to information about the restaurants and shops around Mulberry Street.