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Greenwich Village PhotoTour
Greenwich Village Tour Part 2 of 3

Another famous Greenwich Village icon is Bleecker Bob's Records. You can get the latest CD's, but in here, vinyl still rules!

They've also got T-shirts and European concert posters. Bob was once on Bleecker Street but you'll find this place on West 3rd.

Speaking of Bleecker Street, that's our next stop!

During the day, there's some curious stores to explore, but Bleecker Street is most famous for its nightlife and folk clubs which featured such musicians as Bob Dylan.

Heading west on Bleecker, we get to Sixth Avenue where you'll come across the world famous 4th Street basketball court.

You can watch some of the best streetball players around. They may not be the New York Knicks, but hey, don't cost ya nothin' neither!

Crossing 6th Avenue, we're now in the heart of Greenwich Village. It's the oldest part, too.

Streets run at all angles and you can easily get lost. While you should always have a map handy when visiting NYC, now's the time when you're probably going to need it the most.